Why do dogs not like to sleep in kennels but in these places

For people, sleeping in bed is definitely the most comfortable. Therefore, before raising a dog, many pet owners will prepare a kennel for the dog to sleep more comfortably. But after raising a dog, you will find that most dogs don't like to sleep in kennels but sleep in these places. Why?

Reasons for dogs not sleeping in the kennel:

1. The kennel is not big enough

Many dogs don't like to sleep in the kennel, in fact, because the kennel is too small. For example, for large and medium-sized dogs like Golden Retriever and Husky, if you buy a puppy kennel, the kennel will not be able to accommodate it when it grows up. It can't even fit its body and sleeps uncomfortably, so it must be reluctant to sleep. What.


2. The kennel is too dirty and smells too strong

Some newly-purchased kennels usually have a heavier taste. If the pet owner buys them and does not clean and disinfect them properly, they are unwilling to sleep.

There is also a kennel that has been used for a long time. If it is not cleaned regularly, the dog will dislike it and not step into it, let alone sleep.

Where do dogs like to sleep?

1. Lie directly on the floor

Dogs generally do not sleep in the kennel; they all like to rest directly on the floor. Because the ground is very cool, sticking the belly to the environment can play a role in cooling down, and the dog feels comfortable sleeping in this way.

Therefore, in many pet owners' homes, when summer comes, the floor will have "dogs."

2. At the door

Many dogs like to sleep outside their homes, especially those in the countryside. Dogs like to sleep at the door, indicating that they are more playful and ready to go out at any time. Once they have enough sleep, they will run around the village.

Of course, some dogs like to sleep in front of the house because they want to help the owner look after the nursing home. But, if your dog is so loyal, the pet owner remembers to reward him.

3. Under the table and bed

Some dogs like to go under the table or under the bed when they sleep. This kind of dog is relatively insecure, so they look for these little places that surround themselves to sleep to avoid being attacked.

Generally, dogs will choose to sleep in these places when they arrive at their new homes. However, the pet owner should spend more time with them so that the dog can slowly adapt to the life of your home.

4. On the sofa at home

The sofa at home is also a place where dogs love to sleep. Many dogs will go to the couch to stay quietly or sleep well when alone at home.

Because there is the owner's smell on the sofa, it makes the dog feel as if the owner is around, so it feels exceptionally safe.

5. The owner's bed

As for the dog's favorite place to sleep, the owner's bed can definitely be at the top of the list. The owner's bed is big and comfortable, it won't fall off no matter how you roll, it's really safe and comfortable. And being able to sleep with the owner is the happiest thing for dogs.

If you don't like sleeping with your dog, it's best to form a habit early, give it some training, and don't let it crawl on your bed.

6. In the kitchen

In addition to the places above, the kitchen is definitely an excellent place to sleep for some foodies. Sleeping in the kitchen, if something delicious can be found for the first time, is convenient to steal food. The owner wanted to secretly cook food, but he couldn't escape its "magic eye."

Some dogs will even climb to the pot to sleep, and they are not afraid that the owner will get up in the middle of the night and accidentally stew it.

Conclusion: Where does your dog like to sleep most?

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