What is the effect of keeping a dog? Why do so many people like to keep dogs

1. Heal you

I remember that I went to work by myself that day, only the company dog ​​accompanied me. I changed articles, made animated pictures, cut videos, various conversions, and uploads, but the boss of the finished product was not satisfied.

In the meantime, I was really depressed for a while. Still, fortunately, there was a dog. It would silently accompany me, coming over to touch my head from time to time. When I'm feeling down, I feel less lonely when I have it with me. If someone is next to me, I can't express my emotions to my heart's content.

I could leave work at six o'clock, and no one knew even if I left at five o'clock or earlier. But that day, to smash this article, I changed it to more than nine o'clock, and it started to drizzle outside. It was dark. It is estimated that the entire building was gone. If it were not for a dog, I would definitely be scared.


Before leaving, I opened the cage, and it got in obediently.

Thank you for staying with me through the most broken moments. In front of you, I don't have to hide any emotions. Your quiet companionship is enough to heal.

I have seen a true story about a girl who was disfigured in a car accident and had some physical disabilities. When she was in a gloomy mood and gave up on herself, the dogs around her had been accompanying her, slowly igniting her confidence in life. But, of course, it is easy for people to wear colored glasses. Still, for dogs, no matter what you look like, the look in your eyes will always be sincere and friendly, and they don't know what betrayal is.

Later, the girl took in many stray dogs. Although their lives were complex, she was pleased with them.

Regarding the healing movies of dogs, you can watch "Dog Love," "He is a Dog," and "Puppy Bottle."

2. Protect you

I saw in other answers that some girls were targeted by bad guys, and it was really their own dogs who rescued her. In an emergency, your dog may also become your bodyguard.

Some people forgot to turn off the gas when cooking soup at home. Fortunately, the dog woke him up in time to avoid a catastrophe.

Dogs can also smell cancer.

Because a foreign dog found abnormal breast cancer in the hostess, he lay down on the host's chest every day. He was unhappy until the hostess rechecked and found that it was cancer and promptly took treatment measures. After the situation improved, the dog became happy and returned to normal.

Dogs are also sensitive to natural disasters, such as earthquakes and tsunamis. This ability may save your life at a critical moment.

For movies about dogs saving people, you can watch "Chivalrous Dogs," "Loyal Dogs Rescue," and "The Return of the Loyal Dogs."

3. Expand your social circle

Dogs are creatures that must exercise, so domestic dogs should be taken out for a stroll in the morning and evening.

In this way, even if you are relatively nerdy by nature and not good at socializing, you still have more opportunities to meet friends.

Dogs are the best topic for you.

Finally, I hope that everyone who considers raising a dog will not only pay attention to the role of raising a dog but also consider the troubles it may bring, such as taking out for a walk every day, picking up shit behind it, and cleaning up the messed up room. In addition, to clean up its damaged furniture, it is necessary to prepare monthly meals, supplies, and possible medical expenses. Are you ready to face these troubles, and are you able to provide them?

Understand the function of raising a dog, think about the troubles of raising a dog, and then decide. This is the most significant responsibility for the dog in the future to not increase the number of stray dogs.

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