Have you ever been driven crazy by your own dog

Recently, I received a Doberman who came to my house for foster care.

This guy is four or five months old, at the most naughty age.

In the morning, I brought him a pot of dog food, and before he could put it down, this guy rushed to the ground with a dog and came to a goddess to scatter flowers.

I squatted underground to clear the battlefield. This guy came over, held my clothes, shook his head hard, and made a stab.

There is no need to look back through the skin, and the calm wind told me what happened. After eating and drinking and molesting the little hen, she returned to her kennel and fell asleep contentedly.

After a while, I walked over to see how it was sleeping. In that scene, five claps of thunder struck the top.


The doghouse has turned into a cloth strip, and this guy has a charming smile, and his mouth is stuffed with white cotton. As night fell, it might be that when I remembered my old job in the nursing home, I started to bark.

Sometimes tactfully, sometimes high-pitched, and sometimes a few wolf howls. As soon as you walked over, he wags his tail.

Although the tail is only a few centimeters long, people don't mind the sloppy bottom at all. As soon as you walk away, your old business continues to open. Early the following day, with sleepy eyes, I came to his kennel.

At that moment, I blinded my panda eyes, wishing to immediately cut off the meridians. The poop that hadn't been pulled out for a few hours of exercise the day before has been evenly applied to it. Seeing me, this guy swooped over and was about to come in close contact. I can't afford to provoke it and slipped away...

I flee for fifty steps and make a sudden break. We can't let people laugh at one hundred degrees. The dog that he picked up must hug with tears in his eyes.

What else can I do besides loving it? It's been a month and a half now because its owner said that it will stop making mischief and then pick it up home when it grows up. I am also desperate, no no no, I am full of life. I sincerely thank the dog owner, my good customer, for his affirmation of my work. You have to ask me why my eyes are full of tears because I love it so deeply.

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