We raise dogs, are dogs really happy

My boyfriend has a cute Teddy. I have been mixing with it for the past few days. I really like it. It is precisely because of this that I think that sometimes we don't understand what the dog wants to express, and sometimes it makes it uncomfortable. At this time, I feel sorry for the dog and feel that it makes him unhappy.

We raise dogs, are dogs really happy?

Then you have to understand some of the dog's body language, and then understand the dog's emotions and judge whether it is happy or unhappy.


In fact, in addition to eyes, dogs also have a lot of body language. Through these body languages, we can understand his social attitudes, emotional thoughts, etc. About how to read a dog’s body language, I will answer from three aspects. .

First of all, I will start with the three different physical postures that dogs show in social interaction, and analyze the social attitudes of dogs when facing people and other animals;

Then I will introduce how dogs express their emotions by licking, scratching, climbing, and hiding.

Finally, I will give you an answer to the four barking types of dogs, which are warning, playfulness, obedience, and arousing attention. I will analyze the differences for you one by one.

The three body postures of dogs

First of all, I want to tell you about the three body postures of dogs in social scenes and how we can judge what dogs are thinking based on these body postures.

We all know that dogs are social animals. Dogs share food, choose their partners, and enjoy social life in social life. When a dog has undergone good puppy socialization training and mastered basic social skills, the dog will show three body postures when facing other animals, according to the dog’s tail, eyes, back, ears, etc. And so on, we can judge the three mental states of the dog.

The first is a relaxed state of the dog. At this time, the dog's tail must be naturally drooping, swaying easily between the legs. Moreover, the eyes of the dog in a relaxed state have no focus, and the eyes will be very distracted, instead of looking straight ahead, the ears are also very relaxed. When the dog appears in this physical posture, we can know that the dog is a very relaxed mental state.

The second state is the wait-and-see state. The dog's tail will be slightly erected, and there may be some wagging movements when erected. The dog's eyes will scan around, his ears will stand up, and the dog's back will become a little stiff at this time. The dog in this state is generally observing the other party. Perhaps it has the will to deal with the other party, but it has not relaxed its observation and vigilance.

The third state is the alert state. A series of physical states of the dog at this time will prepare for the next action. In a vigilant state, the dog's whole body, including the back, will show stiffness, the back will be straight, the eyes will look forward intently, and the ears will also be erected. At this time, the dog's mental state will be more nervous, and it is definitely not trusting or even wary of the mentality of other animals.

After the dogs express their social strategies, they will wait for the other's response. If the two dogs are ready to start a friendly social interaction, they will start to sniff each other and learn about each other through each other's scent. Friendly dogs may wag their tails to show goodwill. On the contrary, slightly more powerful dogs will generally raise their tails, while relatively weak dogs will only wag their tails low, and some will lie down to reveal themselves. Let other dogs sniff the belly.

Pets can't speak, but pets also have their own feelings. He can show whether the owner treats him well or not.

Therefore, if you want to know if your dog is unhappy, you have to observe more. If you can't communicate with words, you can only observe more. You groom the dog, and he avoids, stop first and see what he wants to do. If he wants to rest first, then wait for him to rest, or if he wants to play with you, then play for a while and wait for him. If you are willing to comb your hair, then you can't comb it. If you are watching a video and the dog comes over to grab you, obviously he is bored and wants you to play with him, then you play with him, he must be happy. If he keeps looking out the window, it is obvious that he wants to go out to play, if you are willing, take him out, he will be happy, otherwise, of course he is not happy.

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