If a dog can talk, what do you want to hear most

I am afraid to hear our dog talking because I know he has a grievance.

It will definitely say, stay with me, don't always leave me alone at home. In this period of silence and boredom, my life is entirely meaningless.

It will also say, can the chain on my neck be removed? Let me run forward happily. Without exercise for a long time, my strong muscles have slowly atrophied, and I have forgotten the feeling of the instantaneous wind hitting my face.

He will also complain, why should I take away part of my body? Now I have lost the happiness of being a dog. I am no longer a complete me.

But this is not what I fear most.


That's when no matter how long you haven't seen it, no matter how you ignore it, but it will always be there, staring at me with those eager, sullen eyes.

At that time, I could hear it saying, "In any case, you are everything to me." I was afraid to listen to this sentence because I couldn't give it the same response, and I couldn't give it the best dog life.

In such a world dominated by humans, all threats to humans and even minor inconveniences will be severely prohibited and eliminated!

From a human perspective, a dog in a city is also a trouble and hidden danger. Anyone who has ever raised a dog knows that even if a dog can't speak, we can still hear its voice. So I also advise people who don't have a dog not to raise a dog lightly!

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