Everything you want to know about pets and dogs.

Want to know what your little head is thinking,

Want to know if you wish to me,

Sometimes what are you doing when you are alone at home,

Are you pleased when you grin?

Are you bored when I'm not playing with you,

I am slow and miss you,

I don't understand every time you call or hint at me,

But think you are cute,

Later, I found out what you wanted to do after slowly groping.

I love you very much and miss you very much,

But did not protect you,

Every night I think of you thinking of crying,

Your doll is always by my side,

Seems to be able to stay with me like you,

I was very superstitious and went to find a psychic,

She said that you are now very well at your new host's house,

You don't hate me but love me very much,

This makes me feel even more distressed,

Others do not believe,

But I am very convinced,

Want to have sustenance,

Make up for missing you,

You may be somewhere on earth.

Be cute and loving in front of other people's dogs,

You may remember me like "The Mission of a Dog,"

Be a good dog!

Don't make the new owner angry,

Don't keep eating,

Don't keep running out secretly,

Be my daughter in your next life,

I will take good care of you,

I miss you,

miss you very much,

I will never forget you,

You are my first dog,

Also, my last dog loves you.

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